The Westside represents the largest residential district in Bangor. The area is cradled by I-95 on the west, in the north by the Kenduskeag Stream, the Penobscot River in the east and it is dominated in the south by the Bangor Municipal Golf Course. Most businesses found in the area can be located on the main drags of Union Street, which stretches from north east to south west, and Hammond Street, which bisects the district from the south west to the north east, and Main Street, which follows the Penobscot River.

The rest of the district is a rough grid of almost randomly numbered side streets containing a mix of dingy apartment complexes to multi-family homes. West Broadway (which is nowhere near Broadway) demonstrates this the most dramatically with one half bearing palatial estates, while the other half has tumble-down apartments that look like a stiff wind and a spark could take them down. The brick and stone Standpipe Watertower peaks the tallest hill in Bangor, like a cue-ball castle tower about to be hit by the pool-cue of (the good end of) West Broadway. The bulb-circled top of the Standpipe is often called the Crown of Bangor, the Queen City.

Below are the various places in town:

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