System Basics

The +sheet is essentially a character sheet that details the character someone is playing; recording all abilities or talents or skills or the lack thereof. It's a guideline to what a character can do. Combine that with dice and it offers a wide range of effects, as even a trained specialist can make a mistake and sometimes someone untrained can get lucky.

Dice and Rolling

A character wanting to perform an action must roll dice in game to see the results. There's one command to do this.

+roll <stats and/or numbers>

EG: +roll Strength Art 5 -2
The above example would add your Strength attribute, your Art skill, five, and negative two, and then add the result of 1d10. (UniSystem works with adding stats and numbers, then adding 1d10).

There are two types of rolls to be found in the Unisystem; Tasks and Tests. Tasks represent using a character's natural aptitude and learned skills to accomplish a task. Tests rely solely on a character's attributes to determine success or failure, examples include a test of strength. Each is detailed under +rolls.


Using powers in True Blood is commonplace. Players will refer to the detailed rules of each power(generally some type of quality) in reference to rolls required as well as effects. Any confusion as to the rules should refer to Staff and abide their decision.


Player's on Northern Vampire Mysteries Mux start with 70 character points with which to build their character. This allows for an impressive build. Still no one wants a character that stagnates. In order for a character to remain fresh and interesting it has to grow, evolve and get better. To that end we have devised a Milestone System to represent how a character advances from one stage of their lives to another. For the full details on that system please see milestones.


It is possible to experience character death on NVM. Death comes when a character is reduced to 0 Life Points (LPs) and are left without medical help for turns equal to their Constitution.

However, a scene must be declared as a Lethal Scene before the scene begins. If this is not declared then it is assumed that the character reduced to 0 LPs is merely incapacitated for the remainder of the scene.

NOTE Lethal Scenes need to be approved by Staff beforehand.

Want a free .pdf of the more complex full UniSystem system? Try here.

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