Supernatural Drawbacks



Not all psychic powers are created equal. Whatever your character's particular power, he can't use it as much as he would like. There are conditions and if they aren't meet, your character can wave his hands, concentrate, flex his wrists, or mumble haiku all he wants, and no one will be impressed. That could prove very … unfortunate. This Drawback is worth one point if the conditions aren't too crippling. For example if the ability only works during the night (or the day), or only if the target is singing or if he does his Vulcan mind meld thing. Two points are awarded if the prerequisites are very limiting. This applies if the power can only be used once a day, or for an hour each day. This value would also fit if the capacity was effective only against vampires, lawyers, or blonds.



Your character's power is not fully under his control. During times of stress, it can go wild, striking things and people at random. Whenever the character is angry, scared, or otherwise stressed, a Willpower (doubled) roll is needed, with penalties from -1 to -6, depending on how stressful the situation is. If the roll fails, the power goes off at random. If the stress is extreme, the power not only goes wild, it works at double its normal level. For example, if a Telekinetic confronts her abusive father, her power might go out of control at double its normal strength. Your Director will tell you if your character's power makes sense with this limitation.

For more passive powers, such as Telepathy or Empathy, this could mean the power is always active rendering the character unable to filter out the thoughts or emotions of the people around them.

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