Stat Setting

This page will provide details on all the available commands that can be used in CharGen

Hello & Welcome

There are three point-levels of character one can opt to go with:

  • Low-power characters have 15 points to spend on Attributes, 15 on Skills, and that's that. No Qualities nor Drawbacks for you.
  • Standard-power characters have 15 for Attributes, 30 for Skills, and 5 for Qualities/Drawbacks.
  • High-power characters have 20 for Attributes, 35 for Skills, and 15 for Qualities/Drawbacks.

High-power characters require multiple staff to approve, standard-power characters only require one staff-person to approve, and low-power characters don't require staff assistance at all. If you want anything supernatural, you'll want Standard or High power.


Attributes & Skills

(see also attributes & skills for a descriptive list of our stats)

Buying Attributes and Skills are normally on a 'one to one' basis (EG: To add 3 to Strength costs 3 points), until you get into the range of 6 or higher, when each +1 to your +sheet costs 3 points.

If you have no magical reason to have an unusually high trait, you probably should avoid the 6+ range. Vampires and such will get the proper stats boosted, so don't worry about that.

+set/attr <attribute>=<level>
+set/skill <skill>=<level>

Qualities & Drawbacks

(See also qualities and drawbacks for a detailed list of qualities & drawbacks)

You have __ points to spend on Qualities, and can only take up to 10 points of Drawbacks. The points gained from Drawbacks can be used on more Qualities here, or saved for later. Your call.

NOTE: You can take multiple levels of the same Quality/Drawback, but there's generally no reason to.

+set/drawback <drawback>=<level>
+unset/drawback <drawback>=<level>
+set/quality <quality>=<level>
+unset/quality <quality>=<level>


+find/drawback <One You're Looking For>
+find/quality <One You're Looking For>

Odds & Ends

You have __ points to play with. Skills can be raised for normal cost, but a new level of Attribute costs as much as the levels between old and new (EG: 3 to 4 costs 4. 3 to 5 costs 9 (4+5), etc). Note that unspent points end up going toward Drama Points. If you want to go back and adjust things in earlier rooms, it's not too late.

Don't forget +help background, +help finger, and @aconnect and stuff.
If you'd like a quick and coded scan of these, try '+check'.

Hit '+chargen <Short Details of What You're Making>' when you think you're done, and staff should get to you before too long!

NOTE: If you're having problems, drop Mr.Ed a @Mail about it, please!

+set/skill <skill>=<level>
+set/attr <attribute>=<level>


Life Points, Drama Points, and Speed are calculated stats. Speed hinges on some Attributes (Dex & Con), Life Points hinge on other Attributes (Str & Con, and maybe Hard to Kill qualities), Drama Points are based on unspent CharGen points.

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