South Brewer

Southern Brewer really feels like it's a different place entirely. It's almost hard to believe that it exists just across the Penobscot river from the hustle and bustle of Bangor's Industrial Park. South Brewer is made up of large tracts of woodlands broken up by housing communities and residential neighborhoods. Most residents of the area consider this "the right way to live". They are certainly successful in encapsulating the down home, quiet country living atmosphere they're striving for.

The area is famous for its large number of schools and churches, many of which have recently adopted a strong anti-vampire stance. There's not a single concentrated commercial area to be found. What stores do exist are small, locally owned corner store type establishments. Some with attached diners, some without. Even the Brewer Airport is often forgotten about by those who don't live in the area, thinking the only local airport is the international one in Bangor.

Below are the various places in town:

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