Welcome to Bangor, Maine: the seat of Penobscot County. Bangor represents an excellent, if not perfect, blend of big city living with a sense of small town camaraderie and community. The greater metropolitan area has a population of just under 200,000 persons spread out over a few hundred miles representing a very low per capita population index. Bangor itself, with a population of roughly 35,000 persons, is a place where you can find all the conveniences of the big city in the downtown area while, just a few short miles away, return to the seclusion of your single family home that rests on a few acres of heavily wooded land.

Hollywood Slots located in Bangor, Maine

Maine has always been an odd mix of progressive liberalism, with legalized gambling, and religious conservatism. When vampires came out to the world the results were decidedly mixed, as they tend to be in Maine. The Bangor Mall was the first business in the country to host a Vampire Blood Bar in its food court while, at the same time, also playing home to one of the more fanatical sects of the Fellowship of the Sun.

By the time of the great reveal the Bangor area already played home its share of vampires. A good deal of the vampires in the area have been here since the founding of the city and still bring with them a certain old country gothic feel.

Need/Want a resource site for Maine oddity? Try the Strange Maine Web-Log (note that it's often Portland-centric)

Home of one of Bangor's more notable vampire residents.

Northern Vampire Mysteries Mux takes place not just in Bangor but also the surrounding area which includes Brewer and Orono (home of the University of Maine). It offers a unique mix of woodlands and inner city living.

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