We try to take a very light handed approach to staffing here on NVM. We're all here to have fun after all and as far as we see it staff's primary responsibility is upholding that single concept. So, to that end, instead of having an endless list of rules and policies we have a few general guidelines we expect players to follow.

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We're all here to have fun. The #1 rule of the mux is this; don't do things that will wreck the fun other people are having. This primarily means don't be a dick and don't twink. We have a very rules light system here but our aspect system should be enough to represent what a character can and cannot do. Play reasonably within these limits and everything will be fine.


We are all here to tell a cooperative story with one another. That means, technically, nothing can happen to your character that you don't approve of. This comes with the single caveat of Within Reason. If you act like a dick to a gang of vampires we're afraid you can't cry 'I don't approve!' right before they kill you. If you don't want your character in a certain situations do everything you can to keep them out of those situations!


The True Blood series is very much an adult delight. We aren't going to ask anyone to sanitize their RP for the sake of other people's sensitivities. On the grid you may encounter harsh language, violence, sexual situations and, in rare instances, death. You always have the option of bowing out of these scenes obviously but we have no 'Keep it PG' policy for any of the RP that happens here.


One of the few hard rules we have is the age of the characters we allow here. The legal age of consent in Maine is 16 so that is the minimum age we allow to be apped here on NVM. No character younger than 16 will ever be approved so, please, don't try. Things that are older than 16, but look younger (EG: Made into a vampire, when you were 14, a few centuries ago) are also a no-go.

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