Pat's Pizza

When one enters Pat's from the front door, one goes up two steps and through a breezeway before entering a long and narrow room, often swamped with noise, smells, and college students. Along the left-hand wall runs the diner counter, and what parts of the kitchen aren't concealed behind the wall, for take-out orders, delivery orders, and actual food to be served in the establishment. The right-hand first has an inset telephone booth, a community corkboard, and then at least a dozen booths. Each booth has a small jukebox mounted on the wall, allowing one to quietly play a song from that particular unit, or to be put in the queue for playing over the entire room's speakers.

At the far end of the room is the back door that leads to the parking lot, often used by those townies who want to flaunt their familiarity with the establishment. Almost lost halfway amid the booths are stairs down to the bathrooms and a basement bar, usually playing sports on a large-screen TV and staffed by one or two employees. Instead of having waitstaff fight their way downstairs, a dumbwaiter shuttles food and dirty dishes between the upper and lower floors.

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