Paddy Murphy's

As one enters the Irish pub set in the heart of downtown through the breezeway, one is presented with a large room of dark wood furnishings under indirect lighting that comes from yellow dome-lights set in the white tin ceiling. On the left is a small stage (just large enough for maybe five musicians, or two tables) tucked around the corner from the door, and then four 6-person booths, repurposed from short church pews. On the right is a long table that could seat ten (five chairs on one side, and a long church pew against the wall for the others), and then the bar that could seat a similar number. In the center are three tall 4-person tables, and then a fireplace. Tucked behind the fireplace are the bathroom and the door to the kitchen.

During the day, the pub serves fairly standard pub fare (burgers, steak, stews, etc…), switching to purely drinks after nine PM. A small group of folks can often cram into the equally small stage for karaoke on Monday nights, open microphone on Tuesdays, trivia on Wednesdays, jazz on Thursdays, and various bands on Friday and Saturday nights.

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