The city of Orono has a population of roughly 10,000. The University of Maine in Orono has another 12,000 (some of whom are the previously mentioned 10k).

Orono is what you'd call a rural Maine college town through and through. Dominated by the University of Maine across a small bridge, everything else in the town seemingly exists to support the faculty and students of that institution: used music stores, art supply stores, burrito shacks, donut shacks, frequently-sold dance clubs, and apartments that would most likely be condemned if the residents weren't only there for two semesters at a stretch. The town has more food-service places than one would think possible, with the centerpiece being Pat's Pizza. Nearly half of the town population is between the ages of 18 and 24 thanks to the university. This makes the town young, loud and mostly avoided by adults whenever possible.

If one continues upstream generally northward along the Penobscot River, the university can be found where Main Street turns into Park Street. Downstream, Main Street turns into Bangor's State Street for the four or five miles before one hits the Gravesend outskirts of the larger city to the south.

Below are the various places in town:

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