North Brewer

Brewer has always prided itself on being more wholesome than its neighbor across the Penobscot River, Bangor, and the differences are clear even at a glance. The area is filled with single family homes and low-rent housing. The north end of Brewer is as close to a commercial center as one is likely to get and, even then, it amounts mostly to a few shopping centers surrounded by residential neighborhoods. The further one moves east, away from Bangor, the more open and heavily wooded the area becomes.

Recently numerous anti-vampire groups have cropped up in the area and gained a solid foothold in the city. Anti-vampire propaganda is a common sight throughout the city. Unlike Bangor and other cities throughout Maine this city refuses to open its doors to vampires. Most businesses close their doors at sundown and there's a strict curfew enforced for minors.

Below are the various places in town:

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