Mundane Qualities

Acute Sense

2 Point Quality

You may have the eyes of an eagle, the nose of a bloodhound or the ears of a bat. This quality represents 1 acute sense. When utilizing that sense in any Perception based test that relies on that sense you receive a +3 bonus.

Chargen Note: When taking this quality in chargen, you do not take 'Acute Sense'.
Instead, you take one of: Acute Sight, Acute Hearing, Acute Taste, Acute Touch, Acute Smell.

Artistic Talent

3 Point Quality

Characters with this quality have an astounding gift for producing astounding works of art even without formal training. These are the Mozart and Picasso types of the world. Whenever you attempt to create a work of art associated with this quality you receive a +3 bonus on all related tasks. In addition even if the roll fails you achieve a single automatic success level. Characters with an Artistic Talent also receive 12 bonus Essence points.

CharGen Note: Obviously this quality works best in conjunction with an appropriate Art skill. While you can have multiple Artistic Talents you only get the 12 bonus Essence once.


Variable Quality (1 pt per level)

NOTE: We've broken up the Attractiveness quality/drawback into 1 quality(Attractiveness) and 1 drawback(Unattractiveness). This is simply for ease of code and so people can gauge the intent of the quality/drawback at a glance.

Normal people have an attractiveness of 0. This isn't to say they're not attractive they just don't really stand out of a crowd. Characters with the Attractiveness quality are 'hot', the degree of which is determined by how many ranks they have in this skill. This quality provides a bonus to any social roll in which your appearance may have an impact.

Keep in mind your attributes may influence how your attractiveness takes form. Someone with a strength of 4 and constitution of 3, for example, likely wouldn't be considered a waif or 'thin but hot'. Obviously supernaturally enhanced attributes would be an exception to this rule. Choose your starting level of attractiveness carefully. This stat is difficult to raise through IC RP.

Attractiveness 1 Experiencing a double take is common at this level.
Attractiveness 2 You really stand out in a crowd.
Attractiveness 3 You could make a decent living off your looks alone.
Attractiveness 4 The phrase 'super hot' has been used in conjunction with your name many times.
Attractiveness 5 Pinnacle of human beauty. A face that could launch 1,000 ships.


Variable Level Quality(1 points/level)

Charisma represents personal magnetism and leadership qualities. People just instinctively like characters with the charisma quality. The rank of charisma is added to any task where the character is trying to influence other people. This quality does stack with the attractiveness quality(or may offset the Unattractiveness quality).

NOTE: For convenience we've split this quality/drawback into 1 quality(Charisma) and 1 drawback(Negative Charisma). You cannot have both Charisma and Negative Charisma.


Variable Point Quality(1 point/level)

Contacts represent people a character knows who can provide information, warnings or even help a character when they need them. The more points invested into the contact the greater influence they have.

Level 1 Provides rumors and hearsay.
Level 2 Provides quality reliable information. Grants small favors(a ride or a place to sleep).
Level 3 Will grant major favors or help the character in any way that doesn't present major danger.
Level 4 Will take great risks to help the character.
Level 5 Will risk or even sacrifice their lives for the character.

CharGen Note: The contacts quality can be taken multiple times. Each time a type contact must be specified such as Military, Financial, Street, High Society, Law Enforcement, etc. Each individual contact gets it's own level applied to it as well.

Disconcerting Countenance

1-Point Quality

Whether it's the cold, calculating stare of a killer or the stance of the dusty hero as he looks at someone from under his hat, this character seems to inspire fear with just his very countenance. Sometimes this countenance can rattle opponents, causing them to miss at crucial moments or even run away from the character. The character makes a Difficult Willpower Test and checks the chart on AFMBE p. 95 to determine the success levels of the roll. Each Success Level is a -1 to an immediate Fear Test that the object of this character's ire must make. Failure means the target reacts in whatever way the Fear chart or the ZM feels appropriate. Those with Nerves of Steel are not affected by this Quality.

Double Jointed

2-Point Quality

This does not mean that the character has more than the usual number of joints, but that he can actually rotate or pop joints out of place. This ability can assist the character in wriggling free of bonds or other restraints. The character has a +3 bonus to any attempt to get loose from restraints or to squeeze through narrow areas.

Fast Reaction Time

2 point quality

Characters with this quality are rarely caught off guard and possess excellent instinctive reflexes. Characters with this quality can act first without needing to roll initiative(though this is ruled by the Common Sense law). If other characters in a scene have Fast Reaction Time then these characters roll for initiative against each other.

This quality also provides a +1 bonus on Willpower tests to resist fear.

Good Luck

Variable Level Quality (1 point/level)

Although the basis of this quality is obviously fairly supernatural, even a mundane character can have it.

In UniSystem tabletop, it typically allows one to add +1s to dice-rolls, spreading the levels of Luck one bought throughout a given session (EG: With Good Luck:4, in one session one could cash it in for a +4 to one roll, +2 to two rolls, +1 to four rolls, or whatever). Since the MU* medium isn't the best for working out what a 'session' is, one instead has a <Luck>-in-10 chance of a +1, whenever one +rolls dice (so with Good Luck:4, you have a 40% chance of a +1).

Hard to Kill

Variable Level Quality(1 point/level)

Characters with this quality are amazingly tough and can withstand surprising amounts of punishment before succumbing to their wounds. Each level of Hard to Kill adds 3 Life Points and grants a +1 bonus to Survival tests. Level 5 is the maximum Hard to Kill level for normal humans. Supernatural creatures may have higher ranks.

Internal Compass

1-Point Quality

The character always knows which way is north. Even while underground or in some massive complex the character can make a Simple Intelligence Test to determine which way is north, south, east, or west.

Light Sleeper

2-Point Quality

The type of person who sleeps “with one eye open”, this character can be awake at the slightest hint of trouble. He is instantly alert, able to perform actions as soon as he bolts upright. Light Sleeper negates any penalty for interrupted sleep. The Light Sleeper rolls Perception + Notice to recognize trouble in his surroundings. This roll is contested if the danger is stealthy or quiet.

Military Rank

Variable level quality(1 point/level)

The character belongs to the armed forces. High rank has privileges: soldiers or sailors obey the character’s orders. On the other hand, low ranking soldiers are at a disadvantage. They get ordered around, and disobeying is not a good option. The value of Military Ranks ranges from –1 to +9, and costs 1 point per level (positive or negative). Keep in mind that high Rank also entails numerous duties that may restrict the character’s actions even more than very low Rank. The rank names in the table below are taken from the U.S. Army system; other services and other nations have different names for equivalent ranks.

Rank Title
-1 Private Counts as a drawback named Military Rank
0 Corporal
1 Sergeant
2 Sergeant, First Class
3 Lieutenant
4 Captain
5 Major Max Allowed in C-Gen
6 Lieutenant Colonel.
7 Colonel
8 Major General
9 General

Natural Toughness

2 pt. Quality

Characters with this quality are naturally difficult to hurt. Boxers, martial artists or just big strong bruiser types all fit the bill nicely. This quality provides 4 points of natural armor against blunt attacks(fists, feet, baseball bats, etc). Bullets and slashing attacks are unaffected.

Nerves of Steel

3 point quality

Characters with Nerves of Steel are either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. Either way only the most shocking and terrifying of situations have any effect on them. These characters only make Fear Tests when confronted with the most bizarre and terrifying situations and, even then, they get a +4 bonus to the roll.

Photographic Memory

2 Point Quality

Characters with this quality have minds like steel traps. After reading a novel they could quote you a passage from any given page without missing a word. This quality grants a +1 bonus to any skill in which memorizing facts would be helpful. Further they receive a bonus ranging from +1 to +3 on any task involving memory. The bonus itself depends on the situation (remembering the name of a waitress that served them last week would be +3, remembering an arcane fact about someone they met once 20 years ago would be a +1).


Variable level quality(1 point/level)

Characters with this quality have an innate ability to fight off certain types of harm.

Disease Quality level added to Constitution checks when resisting Contagion strength.
Poison Quality level added to any Constitution check to lower per Turn damage. Also counts as an 'iron clad stomach' rendering a character immune to 'bad' food.
Fatigue Reduces any Endurance Point loss by its level to a min. of 1.
Pain Decreases penalties caused by severe wounds. Adds to Willpower and Constitution checks to avoid being stunned.


Variable level quality(2 point/level)

The character’s level of Resources determines how much material wealth she has access to. This trait varies widely. Some levels are described below.

Level 0 Average: The character owns $25,000 in property. She has an income of $4,000 per month before taxes.
Level 1 Middle Class: The character owns $75,000 in property (will usually include a house or condominium, not to mention vehicles). He has an income of $7,500 per month before taxes.
Level 2 Well Off: The well-off own $450,000 in property and have an income of $15,000 per month before taxes.
Level 3 Wealthy: The wealthy own $1,000,000 in property and have an income of $60,000 per month before taxes.
Level 4 Rich: The rich own $3,000,000 in property and have an income of $75,000 per month before taxes.
Level 5 Multimillionaire: This lucky chum owns $7.5 million in property and has an income of $300,000 per month.

Each additional level adds $7.5 million in property and $300,000 to monthly income.

Situational Awareness

2 Point Quality

Characters with this quality are hyper observant and possess uncanny reaction time. These characters gain a +2 bonus to Perception rolls to sense danger or trouble in their immediate area. They are equally difficult to sneak up on and recieve the same bonus to resist Stealth checks.


Variable Level Quality(1 point/level)

Status represents a character's social standing in the eyes of the people around them.

Level 1 Minor celeb. High school sports star, local doctor.
Level 2 Local celebrity/politician.
Level 3 State wide celebrity. Minor league baseball player.
Level 4 Minor/B-List movie star or sports player.
Level 5 Major Celebrity or Athlete

Resources add a bonus to the status level equal to half the resources level. So someone with Status 3 and Resources 2 has an effective Status of 4.

Uncanny Balance

2-Point Quality

This character has a very good center of balance, allowing him to balance well on precarious surfaces. The Quality grants a +2 bonus to all rolls where balance might come into play, including tightrope walking and sliding along a ledge.

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