Miriam Frost
Portrayed By: Radeo Suicide
Fullname: Miriam Whitney Frost
Apparent Age: 24
Race: Psychic
Occupation: Artist, Drifter
Significant Other(s): None


Miriam Frost drifted into town in early January of 2012. Looking for work, and looking like she hasn't stayed in one place for a long time. She claims to be an artist, has worked at tattoo and piercing parlors up and down the east coast. She sticks with a job for a few months at a time and then moves on again.

Usually after getting fired for freaking out on her boss, or for just walking out of the job one day. She isn't what one would call 'a good candidate' for most jobs.


  • She can read your thoughts.
  • She usually has no control over reading your thoughts.
  • She's covered in tattoos.
  • She occasionally is sarcastic.
  • Here's another point! I don't know. :(


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