It's unlikely that anyone would enjoy a character for long if they never got better or evolved. A stagnant character is a boring character. That's why most RPGs have an experience point system. Northern Vampire Mysteries is no different and we make use of that system to allow characters to advance and evolve. Unlike many games we don't use an arbitrary system for dolling out experience through time or +votes. Instead we use milestones to represent peaks in a character's life indicating a time when they get better or change.

So what exactly is a milestone? To answer that we'll use an example from a popular movie franchise, The Terminator. In the first movie Sarah Connor was very much the socialite. Her attributes would have been very average(likely 2 across the board) and her qualities and skills would have been very social based(decent ranks in things like Influence with a few levels each in Attractiveness and Charisma). The events of The Terminator would have changed her quite a bit, however. By the end of the movie she had become more hardened and experienced. She'd been indoctrinated into the lifestyle of the warrior and her +sheet would have changed to represent that.

By the start of Terminator 2 she would have experienced many more milestones(training with various people in the ways of war) and her +sheet would have changed considerably as a result. Her physical attributes would have been bumped quite nicely(Str 3, Dex 4 and Sta 5 perhaps). Her Perception and Willpower would have also been suitably bumped(4 and 5 respectively). Her social skills and qualities would have vanished and in some cases reversed(no levels in Attractiveness and perhaps a few levels of Negative Charisma). In the end Sarah Connor didn't just get better she changed and evolved becoming a new version of an old character.

Characters on NVM Mux can evolve in a similar manner. Below you'll find the rules for achieving milestones.

1: A milestone may be achieved once every 2 real life months.
2: We require at least 3 pertinent logs displaying why your character is getting better and changing. Logs are required for any new powers, most new qualities and for raising any skill or attribute above 3. By log we don't necessarily mean straight up RP transcripts. It could be summaries of three different sessions you've had focusing on the things you're looking to upgrade or change or what have you. A preferred method would be submitting them in a style that can be added to your +bg so we can log the change permanently on your character.
3: A character's XP total tops out at 150 points and can go no higher.

When a milestone is achieved a character gains the following benefits.

1) They receive 10 experience points that gets added to their current XP total.
2) They are allowed to re-arrange things on their +stats. Lower/raise stats, sell off qualities and skills or buy off drawbacks, etc.

Character Improvement Table

Improvement Point Cost
Attribute Five times the next level with a minimum cost of 15.
Existing Skill New level times 2. A skill cannot be raised more than once per milestone.
New Skill 5 points for first level
Quality Same as per character creation, unless otherwise indicated
Remove Drawback Pay off the original value of the Drawback
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