Maria Rospigliosi
Maria Rospigliosi
Portrayed By: Maria Rospigliosi
Fullname: Princess Maria Jennings Reid Parkhurst Rospigliosi
Apparent Age: 51
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Queen of Maine
Significant Other(s): n/a


RL History

Born 15th of May 1870, recorded as having died 16th of August 1930

Born in Maryland, USA, to Senator Samuel Chester Reid. Lived in New Orleans, and later Washington DC.

Married Colonel Frederic Hale Parkhurst in 21st September 1887, and moved to Bangor, Maine, producing two children, Samuel Chester Reid Parkhurst and Dorothy Reid Parkhurst.

Around 1898, she met the Italian Prince Giuseppe Rospigliosi (8th Principe Rospigliosi, Giuseppe Francesco Maria Filippo Principe Rospigliosi-Gioeni Duca Zagarolo, born in 1848) while visiting the coastal Maine town of Bar Harbor, on Mt.Desert Island. This meeting led to her divorcing Col. Parkhurst and marrying Prince Giuseppe in 1901.

Prince Giuseppe died on the 21st of September in 1913 (in Stresa, Italy), after having a daughter, Francesca (Principessa Francesca Maria Carlotta Rospigliosi-Gioeni, in 2nd of August 1903), and a son, Gerolamo (9th Principe Rospigliosi, Girolamo Giuseppe Giovanni Maria Giulio Clemente Francesco Principe Rospigliosi-Gioeni Duca di Zagarolo Principe di Castiglione Marchese di Giuliana, in 27th of August 1907). Following her husband's death, Maria moved to Paris with the two children.

Francesca Rospigliosi died of a broken heart at age 17, in September 1920, following the suicide of her suitor, Alfredo Allegretti, whose advances were denied by her mother.

Following the death of her daughter, Maria decided to retreat to a convent. In late January of 1921, Col. Parkhurst (now Governor of Maine, under a week in office) complained of a throat pain which he said, "felt as if he had been dealt a severe blow.". He was treated for diphtheria, died, and the doctors concluded that it was pneumonia.

Prince Gerolamo married Marian Aldair Snowden in 1932, eloped to America, and they were divorced in 1936. Marion's sister, Janet, was Princess Don Francisco Caravita, wife of Italian Prince Di Sirignano. Princess Janet received kidnapping threats in 1933, around the time of her marriage, and later divorced the Prince, married Cpt. William Gill, and mysteriously fell naked from a building to her death in 1943. In 1946, Prince Gerolamo married Norwegian Jenny Elizabeth Angell, and reportedly died in 1959.

IC History

Maria's daughter, Francesca, was made into a vampire by Alfredo, after Alfredo faked his death. This introduced Maria to the then-hidden world of vampires.

Under the guise of joining a convent, Maria Rospilgliosi became a vampire in 1921. Soon after, she returned to America and lead to the mysterious death of her ex husband, Col. Parkhurst. Ten years into being a vampire, she realized that her lack of aging would soon be detected, so she feigned her death. Believing Ms.Snowden to be unfit for her son's wife, she prompted Marian Snowden to divorce, and then later killed Janet Snowden, following a lead that the marriages to European royalty were Janet's idea.

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