Marco Ruggiero
Portrayed By: Adamo Ruggiero
Fullname: Marco Michael Ruggiero
Apparent Age: 24 (19)
Race: Witch
Occupation: Town Psychic and Occult Shop Teller
Significant Other(s): None Currently

WARNING: The below is OOC unless learned ICly or upon request of player!


Dear Book of Shadows,

As you might know my name is Marco Michael Ruggiero. I was born December the 14th about twenty-four years ago. (January 2012)

I know, I’m a Sagittarius and totally foot the bill for it all with my ever expanding need for knowledge and the whole “can’t finish a project to save the life of me”.

Anyways, as you know I’m a very busy man doing the things I do best. Helping running a shop in town does that to a man that’s been studying the occult since I could remember… okay maybe I’ve only been studying for about ten years now. Though I know where to get the good stuff and anyways, didn’t I renew my life when I committed myself to the Wicca lifestyle.

The occult shop is doing swimmingly like usual, getting the usual shipments of various artifacts and tomes of actual spellwork needed for the services we offer alongside the other random crap my employer insists on making me sell to uneducated bigots. Who really believes that just burning the damned green pillar candle is going to send them riches anyways?! IT’S CALLED CHANTING FOR A REASON!

So in any case, I was doing the usual today. Lifting the usual boxes and making sure the shop was in particularly nice order. Granted those ungrateful group of Wiccan bashers came into the shop today, clearly there to pick on the neighborhood psychic and occult shop tenet. I really wish the Gods and Goddesses didn’t have a requirement for me to follow the threefold law. I would have loved to curse their asses for the scorn.

All the more happy I was when a woman named Beth came in this afternoon after I finally got the gaggle of non-believers to leave me alone. She was a very interesting character, her aura totally screamed for her need for some spiritual guidance… or it might have been the fact she brought in one of her randomly found items for me to work my magic on. Let me tell you getting a flash from that handkerchief was something else. Granted I already knew some people were into donating blood to the local vampires. But no one should have to go through such pain and agony near death… though being the nice witch that I am I couldn’t take Beth’s money for the reading and give her such horrifying news… so I lied like I sometimes do and told her the gentleman that carried the thing decided to leave town and dropped the thing in the midst of the street.

Well it must be my down-home charisma I picked up from my mother Jennifer… yes she’s the sweetest. It’s no wonder I turned out the way I did with the whole memory like a steel trap and the morals that I do. Thankfully the combination of the absence of my father and my mother’s constant insistence to follow my own path led me to where I am… granted her shock of bringing my first few boyfriends over to the house were quite entertaining. Though I think she always knew I was going to be a Pagan Gay with a heart of gold.

Needless to say training in the coven back home was quite the entertaining scenario. The Black Feathers… oh how I miss my coven mates. Alright, so maybe Kevin is really the guy I missed. The man was a machine with occult knowledge and that natural flow of martial arts. He was a lovely boyfriend for a year… learned a lot of my witch-fu from that guy. Not to mention the constant practice in martial arts he started in me. Great strength and dexterity exercise going to the dojo at least three times a week. No wonder I got so good at it… which reminds me I should probably go to that dojo I have been meaning to check-out in town.

I’m so glad my mother is a doctor though, meeting Lance when he worked as a Nurses Assistant was totally worth the six months I dated him. Learning all the things he was doing in his EMT classes have been majorly helpful in my pursuits of holistic medicine! I mean look how many customers I bring into the local shop when they don’t want to rely on those fake doctors who like to give you pills instead of herbs!

That’s beyond this entries matter though, I’m attempting to recount my past so as to leave my legacy for my future generations… it’s why we really write these books, don’t we? Well that and look at my handwriting, it’s like I was born to write exotic tomes!

In any case, I’m pretty sure I was a naturally born witch. The mere fact that I have the gifts of insight and keen ability for psychometry has to mean something.

Oh, here comes a customer, better help them out before they accidentally stumble upon something that shan't not be discovered yet. I promise I will write more into you later… I might just have a few spells I need to document in your nifty little pages!


  • Known Town Psychic - He gets flack for being the local known "Mystic" or what most like to assume to be "The Town Crazy". He's known to speak about "Wicca" and "Magick" like it's actually real!
  • Known Clairvoyant - Marco sells his services on the side when working at the local occult shop. He gives reading of people's auras using his Insight or uses his Psychometry for reading objects. Though his prices are known to be reasonable he is known to charge people varying rates depending on the object being read.
  • Kung-Fu and Medieval Combat - He has been known to bust out a few slick moves in defense of himself. Granted most of it is fairly basic as he can be seen still working out at the local dojo around three times a week in a novice level class.
  • Bookworm - He might be crazy, but his general knowledge and academic pursuits is quite profound. It's almost like the man is too smart for his own good… is it possible to be so smart that you go a bit insane?!

Book of Shadows

Name Quick Cast Requirements Effects Aspects
Quick Illusion Yes This spells only can be used by those with innate witches and invokes a short incantation that is generally just a word or two. This spell creates minor illusions. Whether the caster is changing her jeans into a sparking ball gown or decorating a room with ribbons and tiny glowing lights, almost any type of minor illusion can be produced. The spell cannot harm anyone and the caster must be no more than three yards away from the object she is changing. Furthermore, the illusions are completely insubstantial and fade in Success Level hours. Caster must have Sorcery (-1), Can be Quick Cast (+1), Long Duration (+1), Minor Effect (+0)


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