These are the were-creatures of the True Blood universe. Most common are the werewolves but there are conceivably weres of every animal type. Lycanthropy is a magical genetic condition often passed along family lines.

Given Maine's impressive expanse of wilderness, especially to the north and west of Bangor, the area supports a few wolf packs. This will give players the opportunity to create their own. Brewer contains one particularly territorial pack that has vowed to eliminate the vampire menace, as they call it. Generally, were-types tend to reside in the area that their animal-forms are found in (were-coyotes in North America, were-tigers in India, were-lions in Africa); this isn't due to any instinctual or magical influence, but just due to the hassles that spring from having a polar bear occasionally run around Alabama. As such, there are a fair amount of were-types in Penobscot County whose animal forms wouldn't cause too much of a fuss in Maine (and obviously, we OOCly suggest one lean more towards those animals for were-types, instead of were-rhinos or were-crocodiles).

See '+help shift' in-game to see what's currently in the shifter-code database. Want us to add a new were-type? Just contact staff and we'll see what we can do.

The SVM book 'Dead and Gone' is set in 2006 (reference: timeline), where weres and shifters reveal themselves to the public, as vampires did earlier in 2002.

For a few reasons, this did not happen in the Northern Vampire Mysteries timeline (yet). Right off the bat, it would lead to some immediate and serious changes to hunting laws (so there aren't waves of manslaughter cases involving were-deer, every full moon) as well as 'concealed weapons' standards (what do you do with a prisoner who can turn into a fanged clawed beast on a whim?)


(10 point Quality)

True Shapeshifters are a highly versatile supernatural type. They are able to morph into exact copies of animals they have seen live and in person (animals not so closely studied can often be cosmetically imitated fairly closely, but with no innate familiarity toward things specific to that animal. EG: not used to flying, not used to breathing with gills, not used to running on more than two legs, et cetera. At best, it'll involve such mechanical problems. At worst, the "problems" include massive organ failure. It never works out well). Most shifters have a "go to" animal which is easiest for them to shift into. They also tend to gain some benefit from their go-to animal as well (such as a heightened sense). These can be purchased as Acute Sense, if one wants to retain them in human form.


(5 point Quality)

More common than True Shifters are weres (sometimes OOCly referred to as 'were-things'), that can only shift into one particular animal form. This can happen through a variety of ways:


(5 point Drawback)

As stated above, a were can infect a previously normal human with their condition, but it is a little hit or miss and can only happen by means of the human surviving mauling, performed by the were while in animal form during the full moon. The infected human (if it works) only shifts during the full moon, whether they want to or not, and only into a 'half-animal/half-human' form (which is a form both true shifters and standard weres can not do). In the Quality/Drawback lists, we consider this a Drawback.

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