Little City

A relatively long triangle of a neighborhood, Little City is a pie-section between the length of the Kenduskeag Stream and Broadway, with the tip pointing right at downtown and the far end cut off by the Interstate passing by. Mostly residential like most parts of Bangor that aren't downtown or on the outskirts, it still bears its share of businesses, be they the cluster of fast-food chains, Bangor High School, and also-ran big box stores around the Broadway Shopping center, or the odd little business that dot the length of Center Street (Tri-City Pizza, Chopsticks Chinese food, Brookings-Smith mortuary, a Salvation Army converted to a church, the Peace & Justice center). Around the top-center of Little City, the skyline is dominated by Saint Joseph's Hospital, the Catholic-run hospital (it's not unusual to see monk or nun volunteers in the halls) that is often considered second-fiddle to Eastern Maine Medical Center, in the Tree Streets.

The neighborhood known as the Tree Streets is right on the other side of Broadway, while the Interstate divides Little City from Bangor Gardens.

Below are the various places in town:

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