Kimi Wobimolsem
Portrayed By: Q'orianka Kilcher
Fullname: Kimi Kanti Wobimolsem
Apparent Age: 32
Race: Werewolf
Occupation: ER Doctor
Significant Other(s): None (Yet!)


Kimi was born on Penobscot Indian Island Reservation roughly 32 years ago. She was particularly gifted in science and mathematics, particularly biology. While most of the other girls squealed and ewwwed over the prospect of dissecting a frog, Kimi leapt into it with unabashed enjoyment and infinite curiosity. She often noticed her science teacher's amused response to Kimi's enthusiasm and eagerness to cut something open and explore it's insides. Though she didn't quite understand why the teacher thought it was so funny.

Kimi was a good girl and always stayed out of trouble. Though more than once, she found herself in the counselor's office hearing a lecture that went something along the lines of "Now Kimi. You just can't keep bringing dead animals to school. Your science teacher's no doctor. She can't help you figure out what killed fluffy…. Or scruffy… or Mr. Lizard. I'm sorry." Rarely did she ever listen to those gentle lectures and would even come in to school early to try to use the science lab for her super important experiments.

Immediately after graduating high school, Kimi moved to Portland and attended school there where she earned her medical degree. After finishing medical school, she took her residency at MMC in Portland. The same place where she earned her degree. After finishing 4 years worth of residency which basically meant 4 years without sleep. She moved on to take a job in the ER of Mercy Hospital, also in Portland. Although she thought it best to take a short break from school and work both. The break ended up lasting six months and then finally she joined the staff of Mercy Hospital.

She worked there and was quite happy for about a year and a half. But over that year, she began to miss home more and more. Places she knew, faces she recognized. So she made the decision to return home. She applied to the hospital in Bangor and waited until she was sure she had the position before she finally packed up her things and made the move. She was home. But she decided not to go back to living on the reservation. No. For now she's decided that she will stay in a motel until she decides just how she wants to handle her living arrangements.


  • Kimi is very obviously Native American. This may be a problem for you, or it may not. Either way. It's noticeable!


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