Julian Archer
Portrayed By: Colin Farrell
Fullname: Julian Elias Archer
Apparent Age: 27
Race: Witch/Medium
Occupation: Occult Shop owner.
Significant Other(s): None


Very little is known publicly about Jules Archer. He owns The Broom Closet, an occult book shop in town. He showed up in Bangor a few years before the Great Reveal but he very rarely talks about where he came from. Sometimes the fact that he's actively hiding his Irish brogue becomes obvious, particularly when he's drunk or emotional and the former seems to happen more often than it should. There is one thing that everyone knows about the scruffy shop keep; if it's strange and goes bump in the night, he's the guy to ask. Julian is an expert in all manner of things weird and occult-y.

RP Hooks

  • Julian owns The Broom Closet. It's an occult book and supply shop with a few comfy couches and some bad coffee available for people who want to hang out and discuss 'the craft'.
  • He is the 'go to guy' in the area for all things weird and inexplicable. He fancies himself an occult expert and there really is little he doesn't know.
  • Local witches would know that Julian is powerful, perhaps one of the most powerful warlocks on the East Coast. His door is always open and he's always willing to teach those willing to learn.
  • Want to attempt to speak with a dead loved one? Julian doesn't hide the fact that he's a medium. Of course that only pegs him as being a little off his rocker in the opinion of most folks. There's at least one crazy eccentric in every town, right? He really doesn't seem to mind being ridiculed and he also doesn't charge a dime for his services in the area of communication with the restless dead.
  • He's a drinker and can often be found in the local pubs.


Name Relation Notes


Name Quick Cast Requirements Effects
Spell of Secret Protection No 3 Witches, U-shaped mystical symbol, herbs, liquids, candles, chanting, must be performed on Spring Equinox without target's knowledge. The next time the target is attacked for half or more of their total LP, the attack does no damage. Spell is in effect until used or until target becomes aware of the casting.


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