(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 pt Drawback)

You're addicted to some substance, stimulus, or suchlike that you can easily find yourself without access to, leading to the Drawback level of penalty to rolls while in withdrawal.


(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 pt Drawback)

Someone in Penobscot County wants to you dead or otherwise out of the picture.

Level 1 A lone person. A normal person or a standard street thug.
Level 2 A gang of thugs. A fledgling vampire.
Level 3 A lone Green Beret. The local Police Department. A pack of werewolves.
Level 4 The local FBI. A powerful vampire.
Level 5 The entire United States government (all three branches).

Attractiveness (lack of)

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 pt Drawback)

As opposed to being horrible acting (which is the Charisma Drawback), this covers physical ugliness beyond the standard.

Attractiveness 1 Experiencing a double take is common at this level.
Attractiveness 2 You really stand out in a crowd.
Attractiveness 3 Many folks would have a hard time interacting with you in person.
Attractiveness 4 Some might think you are in a mask or not human.
Attractiveness 5 It's hard to believe you could exist in this physical state.

Level 6 is not just a mundane level of ugliness, but a supernatural one. Think of it as 5 plus an enchantment.

Bad Luck

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 pt Drawback)

Although the basis of this drawback is obviously fairly supernatural, even a mundane character can have it.

In UniSystem tabletop, it typically has one apply -1s to dice-rolls, spreading the levels of Bad Luck one bought throughout a given session (EG: With Bad Luck:4, in one session it might kick in as -4 to one roll, -2 to two rolls, -1 to four rolls, or whatever), based on the whim of the person running the game. Since the MU* medium isn't the best for working out what a 'session' is, and I doubt anyone wants staff to just jump in all the time, one instead has a <Luck>-in-10 chance of a -1, whenever one +rolls dice (so with Bad Luck:4, you have a 40% chance of a -1).

Charisma (lack of)

(1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 pt Drawback)

There's just something about you people don't like. People are naturally inclined to antagonize or avoid people with this drawback. Level of this drawback act as a penalty on any roll where the character is trying to influence people positively. This drawback stacks with bonuses or penalties from the Attractive Quality or Drawback, respectively.


(1, 2, or 3 pt Drawback)

Level 1 Mild. The desire is strong and rules the characters world. While they spend a great deal of time in pursuit of their desire the character will not her own rules or those of society to gain the object(s) of their desire however.
Level 2 Serious. When presented with the right opportunity a character may act against her better judgment to attain the object of their desire. They may attempt with a Simple Willpower Test but said test will suffer a penalty between -1 and -3 depending on how great the reward is.
Level 3 Desperate. The obsession is so strong the only way a character could resist pursuing the object of their desire is with a Difficult Willpower Test with a difficulty rangingfrom 1 to 5 depending on how great 'the prize' is. At this level a character will turn on friends and loved ones to attain their goals.


(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 pt Drawback)

Much like Bad Luck, although this is a supernatural Drawback, a mundane person can suffer from it.

Basically, there's something supernaturally seriously wrong with you. Horrible little odd things might happen around you (milk curdling, lightning striking, plagues of locusts) as determined at CharGen, but also you have a <Cursed>-in-10 chance each day of just having things go seriously wrong with most everyone around you.

The game's code will cover the latter part, putting a note in your +finger for others to see (and RP appropriately) when your personal Friday the 13th turns up.

Oh, and it's safe to assume it also kicks in every Friday the 13th.


(1, 2, or 3 pt Drawback)

Any wild or fantastical idea that flies in the face of reality would work as a Delusion. Someone who is afraid of all dogs and the things they do (we're not talking 'fear of dogs'. We're talking 'Canine Conspiracy Theorist') would be a 1 point drawback, while someone who actively tries to get others not to trust dogs would be a 2 point drawback. Any delusion that would lead to physically injuring others is likely strong enough to count as a 3 point drawback.


(5 pt Drawback)

Many of the better known "turns into a critter" folks are either True Shapeshifters or Werethings, both of whom turn into animals at will. A Demi-Were is a 'half assed shifter' that was a normal person until they were infected by a werething (it involves being mauled a few times during the full moon by a were in critter form).

Demi-weres can not change shape at will, and instead only change under the full moon, if they like it or not. They also do not turn into the actual animal they are a 'were of', but instead a half-human half-animal form. While in this half and half form, they have +1 to most physical rolls, any natural weaponry that the animal-form would have, and are very likely to be killed or locked up if discovered while in inhuman form.


(2 or 3 pt Drawback)

There's an NPC child, spouse, elderly parent, problematic sibling, et cetera that the PC has to take care of (so if the PC goes running off for a few days, the dependent will likely suffer). One dependent is 2 points. More than one is 3 points.


(1, 2, or 3 pt Drawback)

Level 1 These characters will not lie to or betray friends, loved ones or people they respect. Other people, especially people they dislike, are fair game.
Level 2 A code of honor at this level is more complex and applies to everyone, friend or foe. These characters will not go against their word and will not betray the trust of others once they've accepted it. This level does not require they give their or accept the trust of others only that they refuse to break or betray it once they do.
Level 3 This person lives by a strict set of codes. They refuse to participate in anything that may seem cowardly or underhanded(such as ambushes or striking the unarmed). The mere thought of lying or cheating disgusts these characters. If they ever do attempt to lie or deceive others they do so at a -2 to -6 penalty depending on the situation.

To break this code of honor, one has to make a Difficult Willpower roll. Even then, one will feel really really bad about breaking it, down the road.

Impaired Sense

(2 pt Drawback)

Opposite of Acute Sense, prompting -3 on appropriate Perception rolls.


(2 pt Drawback)

Lazy people don't like to do much and they very rarely live up to their full potential. This doesn't mean they're not capable or well educated; they just don't like putting their skills and talents to use unless they absolutely have to. Mechanically, this means a character cannot gain more success levels on a skill check than they have in skill ranks with the related skill.

Example Fred has an Intelligence of 4 and a Knowledge rank of 3. This means no matter how high he rolls under normal circumstances he can never attain more than 3 success levels.

This limit can be overcome by the character making a Simple Willpower Test. This will temporarily (for one scene) allow them to use skills normally.

Low Status

(1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 pt Drawback)

Status represents a character's social standing in the eyes of the people around them. Low Status represents those that others look down and/or take pity on.

Level 1 would equate to a pitiable drunk, someone who may have a substance abuse problem, or someone who might be known to throw around racial slurs. Level 3 would represent someone who can't keep a job or someone how has a severe reputation for violence. Level 5 would be a police officer who was kicked off the force for murdering children for sexual reasons while whacked out on drugs.

It's a small town. Even years after the divorce, you're still "the ex-husband of the daughter of the ex-mayor who got busted".


(2 pt Drawback)

Normal people can work magical spells if they can find the right paperwork for it, and pull off a WP+Occult roll. Someone with this Drawback, though, can never work any magic, ever. If bitten by a vampire or mauled by a werething, either they'll just get beaten up or they'll die. They can never be brought back as a zombie, they'll never manifest after death as a ghost, and they probably wouldn't even make a good human sacrifice.

Mental Problems

(1, 2, or 3 pt Drawback)

Level 1 Mild. Issue is controllable under most circumstances.
Level 2 Severe. It's hard to hide the issues at this level. They creep into aspects of the character's daily life.
Level 3 Deranged. The character has no regard or consideration for the law in regards to their derangement. The character is not mindless but may be close.

This Drawback covers the various UniSystem Drawbacks of Clown, Humorless, Misfit, Obsession, Paranoia, Reckless, Showoff, Zealot, and suchlike Phobias and Emotional Problems.

The problem(s) should cause a penalty to appropriate rolls, equal to its Drawback level.


(1 pt Drawback)

A little like the Cursed Drawback, you have a 10% chance of horrible horrible nightmares each night, prompting a -1 to rolls the next day.


(1, 2, or 3 pt Drawback)

You have an obligation or are indebted to some person or organization. This could be a cult, a shadow organization or even just an individual person. The degree of obligation determines how many points the drawback is worth.

Level 1 Important. Your character is expected to regularly risk themselves for the organization.
Level 2 Major. The welfare of the organization is placed above your own. The character is always on call, and rarely has time for any kind of normal life.
Level 3 Total. The character is expected to die for the organization if need be. The job IS the life.

Physical Disability

(2, 3, 4, or 8 pt Drawback)

Pretty much work it out as 2 points for each important body part that isn't working properly, 4 points for each important part that isn't there anymore.

An improper part (or prosthetic part) generally operates at -2 penalty, blindness generally tosses a blanket -5 against sight-related things.

Resources (lack of)

(2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 pt Drawback)

You don't make a lot of money. Depending on the level of the drawback you may, in fact, be homeless.

Price Rank Description
+2 Level 1 Middle Class: The character owns $75,000 in property (will usually include a house or condominium, not to mention vehicles). Income of $7,500 per month before taxes.
0 Level 0 Average: The character owns $25,000 in property. She has an income of $4,000 per month before taxes.
-2 Level 1 Below Average: The character owns $7,500 in property (including an old vehicle, perhaps) and lives in an apartment. He has a pre-tax income of $2,500 per month.
-4 Level 2 Hurting: The character owns about $1,500 in property, and lives in a small apartment in a bad part of town. She has an income of about $1,500 a month before taxes.
-6 Level 3 Poor: The character owns some $750 in property and lives in low-income housing. He has an income of $750 a month or what he gets from welfare.
-8 Level 4 Miserable: The character owns about $150 worth of property (including the clothes on her back). She may live in public housing, or might be homeless. She is lucky to scrounge $150 a month.
-10 Level 5 Destitute: The character has no money, the clothes on her back, maybe 15 dollar's worth of stuff, and a shopping cart. He is lucky to scrounge a few dollars a month.

Above Average levels of Resources are covered in the Qualities section (but we included the first Quality level here, so you get an idea of the range of 'average'). About 15% of Bangor has 'Drawback levels' of Resources.


(1, 2, or 3 pt Drawback)

Level 1 Secret generally reflects something that would be a danger to a character's reputation or livelihood.
Level 2 Secret reflects something that could be a danger to well-being (might get arrested or deported if found out.)
Level 3 Secret can be a danger to the character's very life.


(2 pt Drawback)

A Talentless character suffers a -3 penalty when trying to do anything artistic. In addition, even if they do succeed, the can never get more than 1 success level in artistic pursuits regardless of how high the roll is. Talentless characters also make poor liars, charmers and social butterflies. The same penalty applies to such skills as Intimidate, Seduction and Influence rolls.


(2 pt Drawback)

You're between 16 and 19 years old, not taken entirely seriously by the world at large, and excluded from many social activities (like say, those that happen after curfew on a school night and/or involve alcohol).

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