Drama Points

Typically in Cinematic Unisystem, Drama Points (AKA: "DP") can be used to add +10 to a given roll, heal someone up to only half as damaged as they were, add a general 'plot twist', add +5 to attacks for a scene, or bring someone back from the dead (1 point for next campaign, 5 for later in the same greater adventure, 10 for later in the same session).

We've fiddled with that a bit, here.

  • 1 DP can be spent to tweak a +roll into assuring a 5 or more to turn up on the die (so if your Attr+Skill is 4 or better, it's an assured success).
  • 2 DP can be spent to tweak a +roll into being a 10.
  • A variable amount of DP can be spent to temporarily overcome most Drawbacks, at a cost equal to how much the Drawback was worth. So, someone with a 3 point mental illness can have a moment of clarity for 3 DP, 1 point Honorable can betray their pals for 1 DP, et cetera. Obviously, it doesn't apply for everything (EG: If you've a Drawback of only having one hand, it's not like you can spend DP to have the hand appear for a bit, nor can it fix things like Magicless nor being a Demi-Were).
  • A variable amount of DP can also be spent for general plot twists.

Typically in Cinematic Unisystem, folks who have more points for Attributes, Skills, and Qualities have fewer max DP, while folks with less points to spend on their +sheet have a higher cap on max DP. On NVM, it's determined by what points you didn't use in CharGen (plus one, so even if you spent them all, you at least have something).

Drama Points refill at a flat rate of 0.2 DP each day, as well as +0.2 DP per incoming +vote (with a 5 day delay between the +vote and the DP payoff).

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