Downtown Bangor

It is not unusual for a big-city visitor to Bangor to experience the sad joke of them thinking they're just on the outskirts of downtown, only to find that "downtown" fits in a mile-wide circle, and before too long they're right back to parks and houses.

Set in where the steep valley formed by the Kenduskeag Stream meets the Penobscot River, Bangor was almost stripped to the ground by the Great Fire of 1911, allowing a new growth of brick and marble flame-proof buildings. The vast majority of structures are no more than three or four floors high, with the rare six or eight story bank building, and anything higher being the tops of church spires and clock towers. Never the less, the most is made of the buildings, with numerous pubs, cafes, bookstores, and shops tucked in the lower few floors, with the occasional apartments or law-firms in the upper floors.

The streets are a little maze of one-ways, bridges, and alleys, clearing out to Main Street (which continues downstream along the Penobscot River, towards Industrial Park), two large bridges that cross the Penobscot into the neighboring city of Brewer, Hammond Street that heads up one side of the valley to the Westside, and State Street that heads up the other side to Little City. Surprisingly, this little snarl has space for two squares, two island parks that stand amid the Kenduskeag Stream, and numerous bronze statues and cannons.

Below are the various places in town:

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