David Gunner
David Gunner
Portrayed By: David Boreanaz
Fullname: David Gunner
Apparent Age: 30's
Race: Werewolf
Occupation: Detective
Significant Other(s): None


David was born and raised in Brewer, Maine. Like his father and grandfather before him he joined the police force as soon as he was able. He also inherited the family legacy of being a werewolf. Unlike them he didn't let his primal problem stand in his way and he quickly rose through the ranks becoming a detective.

Like many in Brewer he's on the fence about the existence of vampires. He understands the need to be cautious but thinks some forces in town may be going a bit overboard. Still it's his job to uphold the law in Brewer and, as of right now, vampires are a no-go.


David is a full fledged member of the Brewer police force with all the rights and responsibilities that confers. Detectives in the Bangor/Brewer/Orono area are not plentiful so his services are often farmed out to other departments when needed.


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