Character Generation

We use a Cinematic Unisystem for our character generation and +sheet system. Below you'll find links to most of the information you need to play here.

There are three point-levels of character one can opt to go with:

  • Low-power characters have 15 points to spend on Attributes, 15 on Skills, and that's that. No Qualities nor Drawbacks for you.
  • Standard-power characters have 15 for Attributes, 30 for Skills, and 5 for Qualities/Drawbacks.
  • High-power characters have 20 for Attributes, 35 for Skills, and 15 for Qualities/Drawbacks.

High-power characters require multiple staff to approve, standard-power characters only require one staff-person to approve, and low-power characters don't require staff assistance at all. Obviously, since low-power characters can't take Qualities, and "Vampire" and "Were-thing" are Qualities, they're only good for (fairly mediocre) mundane humans. Standard-power is good for an impressive mundane human or a basic supernatural character, and high-power is good for an impressive supernatural character.

Stat Setting

  • A breakdown of our character generation commands found on the MUX.


  • The 6 attributes used by the Unisystem. Also includes information on the Speed characteristic.


  • The skills we used defined.


  • Qualities that add little unusual perks to your character (like being a vampire or something).


  • Drawbacks that make your character's life a little more challenging, but with CharGen payoff.
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