Chad Farnsworth
Portrayed By: Javier #270070 @ Bride.RU
Fullname: Chad Farnsworth
Apparent Age: 27
Race: Human
Occupation: Counter work
Significant Other(s): none


Standing a hand-span under six feet tall, Chad's scraggly brown hair has a habit of flopping over to one side. Not due to length, but due to his habits of waggling his head for emphasis when talking. His hands are also often going from zero to sixty when particular excited about something. With wire-rimmed glasses over his hazel eyes and usually slightly baggy clothing, even his garments tend to follow suit with the animated action.


Born locally in 1985, Chad grew up in Veazie, between Orono and Bangor, holding odd jobs at a paper route, a small diner, bicycle repair shop, et cetera, before heading up the road to U Maine for college. Working on a Biology degree while playing trumpet in a few local mediocre bands, he kept a fairly steady job at a used music store in the college town. Upon graduating, he promptly did nothing with his degree whatsoever. Sticking with the trumpet playing, he picked up a job at a locally owned bookstore/coffeeshop, quickly establishing himself as the go-to guy for fixing the espresso machine, air conditioning, or a wobbly bookshelf when the need arose.


General: Works at a combination bookstore & coffeehouse in downtown Bangor, BookMarc's (the cafe section is, plainly named, 'Coffee & Books'), and is known to play jazz trumpet at various open microphone nights in Orono and in the bars around Bangor's West Market Square, as well with generally mediocre bands.


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