Bangor Gardens

As one takes Broadway under the Interstate, the businesses start to grow slightly more impersonal and large when compared to those of Little City and the Tree Streets. Husson Community College finds its home here, as well as the Bangor Mall and a few smaller shopping centers. Even when in these metropolitan-sounding locations, one can still easily spot the large untouched rural areas that sprawl out, including Bangor City Forest, Penjajawoc Marsh, and Prentiss Woods, all of which have little hiking trails in the drier paths and board-walks in the swampier sections, and all of which are large enough and near enough to the untamed wilderness as to have their own occasional populations of unexpectedly wild animals.

The houses tend to be ones that were quickly fabricated for military housing in the 1940s, frowned upon by the residents closer to the heart of Bangor, where many houses have stood for over a century.

Below are the various places in town:

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