There are six primary attributes under Unisystem: three physical attributes(Strength, Dexterity and Constitution) and three mental attributes(Intelligence, Perception and Willpower).

Characters with attributes in the 4+ area tend to become well known for those attributes.
6 is the human maximum for an attribute, and is very rare. Anything above a 6 is stepping into supernatural territory.

C-Gen Note: We suggest players try to keep the points spent on attributes to around 20. We obviously allow for some leeway on either side of that but 20 is the suggested 'perfect balance' number to spend on attributes.



Strength is a measure of your character's physical power. It helps determine hand to hand combat damage as well as how much a character can lift.

1: Outright Puny (Child)
2: Average Person (Normal Adult)
3: Fit/Athletic Person (Fitness Nut)
4: Strong Person (Professional Boxer)
5: Weightlifter Strength
6: Olympic Caliber Strength
7: Low Supernatural Strength
8: Average Supernatural Strength
9: High Supernatural Strength
10: Incredible Supernatural Strength

A character can generally carry weights according to the following table:

1-5: 50 lbs x Strength
6-10: 200 x (Str - 5) + 250 lbs
11-15: 500 x (Str - 10) + 1,250 lbs
16-20: 1000 x (Str - 15) + 5,000 lbs
21-25: 1 ton x (Str - 20) + 5 tons
26-30: 2 tons x (Str - 25) + 10 tons

This weight can be doubled for a short time; the carrying capacity is just that…how much a character can carry for a prolonged time.


Dexterity is a measure of a character's coordination, agility and gracefulness.

1: Clumsy (Physically Disabled)
2: Average Person (Normal Adult)
3: Quick/Lithe Person
4: Agile Person
5: Gymnast Dexterity
6: Olympic-Caliber
7: Low Supernatural Dexterity
8: High Supernatural Dexterity
9: Agile Supernatural Dexterity


Constitution is a person's general measure of sturdiness and durability. The higher it is, the more the person can soak up. In the same way, it's used to determine how healthy a person is. People with high Constitution scores are rarely sick.

1: Sickly
2: Average Person
3: Resiliant Person
4: Tough Person
5: Incredibly Tough
6: Human Peak
7: Supernaturally Tough
8: High Supernatural Toughness



Intelligence is basically IQ. It's a measure of how smart a person is. Not a matter of how much they know; that's an issue of skills. Rather it is a measure of raw brain power.

1: Mentally Slow ('Hill People' type)
2: Average Person (Normal Adult)
3: Smart Person
4: Prodigy
5: Genius
6: Revolutionary Intellect


A measure of a character's intuition, alertness and general ability to 'sense' things.

1: Oblivious (Impaired Individuals)
2: Average Person (Normal Adult)
3: Perceptive Person
4: Very Observant Person
5: Incredibly Observant
6: Mild Supernatural Perception
7: Strong Supernatural Perception


A measure of mental strength, self-control and the ability to resist fear and intimidation.

1: Gullible (Children, optimists)
2: Average Person
3: Stubborn
4: Very Determined
5: Great Resolve

This Attribute represents how fast a person can run at maximum speed. It only comes into play on the few occasions when running speed will be a consideration, such as when a character is chasing or being chased by somebody.

Formula: (Constitution + Dexterity) x 2 is the speed in miles per hour (for kilometers per hour change the multiplier to 3). The human range is 4 to 24 mph (6 to 36 kph). Half that amount is the number of yards (meters) that the character runs in a second.

This isn't a characteristic inherit in the Cinematic version of the Unisystem but given how important speed is in the True Blood universe we ported it on over.

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