The Great Revelation changed the way people saw the world; the remote areas of central Maine were no exception. 2002 was, of course, several years ago. Some people have come to accept vampires as friends and neighbors, some look to hunt them and destroy them, painting them out to be soulless monsters and still others aren't sure where they stand. The world, however, has pressed on.

The city of Bangor has restructured itself to cater to its vampire residents. More and more stores are staying open 24 hours a day, a Blood Bar has opened in the mall and the University in Orono even offers night classes specifically for vampires. Not all people are behind this pro-vampire progression, however. The nearby town of Brewer has gone to lengths to enact as many laws as possible to deter vampiric residents including curfews and a ban on synthetic blood.

Where will you stand? Are you a vampire fighting for equality or one who believes they're above such petty human laws? Maybe you're not a vampire at all but a mysterious werewolf or a human with psychic abilities. Maybe you're not a supernatural being at all but a mere mortal caught in the cross hairs of all the fighting. That's for you to decide.

So come and join us at Northern Vampire Mysteries Mux!

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Note that this isn't a forum-based RPG, but instead a MU* RPG. Please see if you're unsure what that means. You will want a MU* Client, much like SimpleMU, MushClient, or even the newcomer Potato Client (if you're on a Macintosh, you'll probably want Atlantis).

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